Thursday, September 2, 2010


Are you one of those writers who have slow winding starts to a novel or short story? There is only one word to describe your writing: Boring!
No matter how well a book is written, however good a story is, writers who can not capture their readers within the first few paragraphs will lose them almost immediately. When you lose a reader at that most opportune moment, chances that he or she will ever want to read your work are very slim.
Writers need to start their long stories with a big bang. Remember this is how the earth began and that is probably how it will end. Start your story in the thick of things, with everyone running helter-skelter, with a lot happening at a fast pace, only then, only then can you go back in time and start those slow winding descriptions to build the readers suspense and hook him or her to the entire novel or story.

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