Friday, September 3, 2010


A good writer knows how to balance his or her scenes so as not have long stretches of boredom and short fast paced scenes. Readers do not want to read action packed scene that goes for a page or two and then descend into a lengthy slumber that bore them to death.
To avoid such, a writer should try to balance scene intensity and or pace. Divide your scenes into short spurts of fast paced action mixed with those slow moving sections.
This doesn't have to be the order with which you write. You can write the slow moving scenes for as long as you can and do the same for fast paced action but later go back and try to cut them into shorter pieces and mix them for greater effect.
Even the best of all thriller writers have boring or slow moving scenes. They write paragraphs that move slowly than the average pace of the entire story but they use the trick I just explained to keep their readers hooked and or interested in the story.

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  1. This is good advice, Jimmy. Unfortunately I find this impossible for me. I only allocate two days a week to writing. I am quite happy with that because I am only a recreational writer.