Monday, September 20, 2010


Practice makes perfect, someone said and it rings very true for writing too. A good writer, leave alone a great one can never let a day pass without writing a few sentences at least. Writing every day of the week makes it more of a routine and definitely kills that writers' enemy of old - The writer's block.
What did you write today? It might be an online article, a blog entry, a page of a novel, an awesome poem or short story or even a comment on this blog. You have written! It doesn't matter how little you write, the idea is to get yourself moving, the trick is to hang on and never give up, and the best way of hanging on is writing!
I do not deny that times may be tough, that you may be very busy, but honestly, finding time to write a few sentences can not be an issue. All you need to post a sentence or two is a whopping....did I say whopping? Well you need less than five minutes every day, and that is more than what we spend on the facebook, isn't it?
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1 comment:

  1. I wrote an article!
    I also wrote a bit in my story.
    Interesting blog.