Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is perhaps one of the questions that young writers ask themselves time and again. When writing a book, some young writers are tempted to divide it into same length chapters in search of far fetched unity of form. Is this right? Of course not.
A chapter must have a unifying factor, it must be based on a particular Idea that holds the sentence and paragraphs that make it one. Do not force your chapters to have the same length or structure. Focus instead on the ideas that make up your work. Divide your set of ideas into book sections and further subdivide these into smaller sets of ideas that can cover less than ten pages.
Having very long chapters upwards of 20 pages is actually detrimental for an average reader tires quickly and may not want to hold onto the book longer. What does that mean? He or she will never buy a novel or book written by you again, the last thing you need.
It is better to have 100 chapters of three pages each rather than 3 chapters of 100 pages each or 6 chapters of 50 pages each. The more the chapters your book contains the better, but for goodness sake, keep them short!

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