Saturday, August 21, 2010


Just how many times should you read through your writing before submitting? I have always argued that as much as it may appear a very hard task, proofreading can not be done away with. Imagine Leo Tolstoy rewriting War and Peace, the close to 1500 pages almost 8 times! Why not read through your 300 pages, why not write and rewrite such a short novel? There is no short cut to proofreading but however careful we are, however good we are at editing our own work, we sometimes need a third party, a fresh pair of eyes to go through the stuff that we have written and see what we didn't see.
If you have written a story book, a novel or a play and have done everything to perfect it, its time you gave it out to a trusted friend, a critic who will see the faults that you the creator didn't. Do not run away from this reality. None of us is perfect, none of us can write so beautifully and without the slightest of mistakes and that is why editors exist. Minimize their work and your chances of getting another rejection slip will be slim.

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