Wednesday, August 11, 2010


You have heard it said that faith without action is dead but I think writing without reading is all the more dead. Do not hope to produce quality writing if you don't ever read. What you read in the course of your writing has a great impact on your writing.
If you are writing a novel, it will help a great deal to read not only great novelists but aim to read critical appraisal of their works as well. If you are writing a short story, read great short stories. Its all the same for articles and poetry too. Find out what Maxim Gorky had to say about Leo Tolstoy and Feodor Dostoevsky. Find out what Tolstoy said about William Shakespeare.
Reading is the essence of writing. If you read shoddy works of art, be sure to produce shoddy work as well. If you read uninspiring work, you may end up writing uninspiring work as well or never writing at all. Need I say more? Writing without reading is the number one cause of a writer's block - Dead writing!

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