Saturday, August 14, 2010


Many writers tend to assume that their is nothing new left to write and therefore tend to regurgitate the same old story lines. Well, its time to tell your story in a different way or write that article in a brand new perspective.
Are you one of those fiction writers or screen writers who always paint that villain, that bad guy as ugly, weaker, lacking in anything positive while your hero, the good guy has every positive trait one can ever think of and no weakness at all? Try having a very ugly hero and a handsome villain for once. This trick works like magic and can actually help to keep the reader suspended and therefore interested in your story till the end.
Avoid the stereotypes that many writers commit and forge your way against the current. Heaven with all its attributes must for once be painted as ugly and lacking in any luster while hell offers that irresistible charm and sense of attraction. Isn't this what realism is all about? Try it.

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