Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The greatest writers of all time never concentrated on one genre throughout their writing. William Shakespeare wrote Drama, Sonnets and epic poetry as well. Ernest Hemingway was not only a journalist of high repute but also a novelist and short story writer. D.H. Lawrence wrote poetry, short stories and magnificent novels while Tolstoy penned significant plays, novels and short stories.
While many people will associate you with a particular genre, you really shouldn’t pride yourself in writing in that particular genre for the rest of your writing life. If you are basically a novelist, its time you learned writing some short stories or some poetry. Ask Michael Ondaatje, the Sikh Canadian author of the English patient. Being a highly successful poet did not stop him from penning some of the best novels in the English language!
Fill the void that comes with a writer's block by writing numerous articles, poetry and short stories. They may form a reputable collection of their own.

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